Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Okay, so I can not even remember what has happened this week so I will try my best. Last Monday, we went to the Catacumbas again (the place with the bones)... my third time. The tour guy/kid, knows me very well ahaha. This week was New Years, obviously... and we ate rotisserie chicken and paneton with chocolate. YUMMM. at 12am (just like Christmas) we woke up to the annoying fireworks. I love fireworks but let me tell you... it was like world war III. In J...., EVERYONE sets off fireworks from their roofs and it becomes this competition to see who can have more, who can have the biggest, and who can go for the longest time. It´s a lot.
So lately, we haven't had a ton of amazing lessons with people who are progressing and it's kind of hard BUT yesterday, we had a lesson with three new investigators. They were a reference from other missionaries and so we went. We sat down and talked for a while and find out that their family member is serving a mission in Guatemala and none of them are members. The aunt had pregnancy complications and was really worried. Their missionary told them to ask for a blessing from someone in the church and so they did. The baby was born at six months. Then the missionary told them to fast and pray. they told us, "we had no idea how to fast or pray but we did as he told us and the baby continues to live. We know that it is a miracle from God and that we need to continue in the path." WOAH I was blown away. The faith that these people had and the miracle that they saw is amazing. Their baby was born weighing one kilo and dropped to half a kilo but she keeps living. They want to be members and they want to make their son happy and proud. I feel so blessed to have met them. Little Miracles :)
Semi funny.. idk
This week we met some girl in the store of one of our investigators and so we started talking to her. She went on and on about her life and how you just gotta live life and then continued to tell us that it sucked that we had never gone to the Jungle in Peru and that she was going to take us because we live a sad life and then the investigator came over very impatiently and goes, "yeah let's pray" (and we usually explain how to pray to people we just meet) so, I started to explain but before I could get the second word out, she had taken the initiative and began to pray. We looked around confused and bowed our heads so dang quickly, haha. I guess it's good she gets the concept of prayer.
okay love you,
talk to you all next week,
<3 Hermana Wattles

i found the colors :)😋

1.Hermana Stickle and I 
2.Some kids were making scary voices while we were underground with the bones. My companion flipped a switch and thought the bones were talking... that don't scare me
so funny.
ok, one more, New Years Eve, a sign that says Nevaditas, I have to represent my state.

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