Wednesday, February 11, 2015


So this might be a short one because the weeks fly by now and I sort of forget what happens in the week! I´ve been here for a month and this month has gone by so fast! We´re "advancados" in the CCM and I feel like a big dog! Only 2 more weeks and then, Cusco here I come! This week has been amazing and also kinda weird! All of my lessons with my companion have been so great and we teach with the spirit which is just so amazing! Actually about 2 hours ago my companion and I gave out a Book of Mormon to a native on the street! He seemed very interested and he was very intrigued that the book had to do with Christ in the Americas! It´s crazy that the Book of Mormon took place in this area... I mean these people in Peru are descendents of the Lamanites! WHAT?! It´s amazing and also such a cool testimony builder! Spanish is coming along! I am able to talk to natives and not really have much of a problem. I am no where near fluent, but it will come. I´ve only been here for a month. :)
So, the greatest thing happened on Sunday! We got to watch a real movie... what?! We watched Meet the Mormons haha and it was awesome! I think I was the only Hermana who didn't cry! Oh and every once in a while our teacher, Hermana Coca lets us listen to youth songs on its the best! Yesterday, I ate 6 granadias. I'll attatch a picture but they're these nasty looking fruits that help your digestion! I also eat lots of mangoes which is insane because I don't like mangoes but I love them here! I love running here which is weird because I hate running. I think I am just a totally different person here! I hope all of you are doing well! Write me! I love letters.
I just want all of you to know how much of a blessing a mission is. I love it more than anything and I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else! It´s the best day of my life EVERYDAY! I want to share one scripture with you its D&C 6:16. This scripture has helped me so much here and I love that God knows us and knows the wants and needs of our hearts! I love you all and have a good week! The church is so true! < 3
 -Hermana Wattles



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