Monday, June 22, 2015


Hi people.
How are y'all?
This week has been amazing! I have seen so many miracles happen and I have had so many prayers answered this week. I'm not sure if I mentioned my two weeks in Cusco this week but, yeah I have been in Cusco for two weeks out of this six week change. We have found that we are losing investigators and it is becoming harder to help people progress. Last week, as a companionship, we decided that we were going to work super hard these last two weeks. This whole week I have been praying that we could find the people who are ready to hear the gospel and that when we find them that they will be open and willing to listen. Let me first say that it is so hard to find new people. Usually, we contact the coolest people and we think that they will come to church and let us in later on... but usually not. mehh. BUT... this week we have run into the COOLEST people. One day we were heading to an appointment and we were frantically trying to find a woman to bring with us because it was an appointment with a man. We could not find anyone and we were becoming discouraged when all of the sudden we ran into two girls on the street and started talking to them. I decided to ask them if they had time and surprisingly they said yes!!! So we brought them to the house and the man wasn't home so we ended up just teaching them! It was amazing because I feel like all of that happened for a reason so that we could teach those two girls.
The next experience was actually just Saturday. One of our appointments fell so we decided to work through the ward list to find less actives and see if we could teach them. We came across one house and knocked on the door. After a minute or so, a man poked his head out from above the roof. We looked up and then said HOLA!! But then he disappeared. what. a minute or so later, someone comes and opens the door. We ask if the member is home and he tells us, no. We decided we might as well share a contact card with him and invite him to the activity that was going to happen that night. He said he´d come and then started asking us questions about our purpose as missionaries and what we had to offer him. We told him a little and then asked him to come the activity. (Usually when we invite people to activities, no one comes..)
Later that night, the activity ended and we started talking to people. Then, the man came up to us with his pass along card and told us that he really liked the activity. He then asked us what we teach and how it can help him. He asked us what he had to do in return to receive our help and then he asked us how much it costs to be a member of the church. We were so happy to help him with his questions and help him to understand some basic principles of the church. Then he continued to remind us of all of the upcoming activities in the church and when our next appointment with him was. It was so amazing to find someone who I feel is so ready. I am so excited to see how the church can help his life.
We also had other stories but ahhh, I would just take up your whole day writing about them. They were all amazing, I promise.
Heavenly Father blesses us in ways we can never imagine. The power of prayer is so powerful and if our hearts are in the right place he WILL bless us. I testify that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that through him we can be saved to live with our Father in Heaven again.
I love you all so much and it is so amazing to know that I have so many people backing me up because sometimes it is REALLY hard. You are what helps me make it through!
I love you all so much!!!
Cuidense y Les Quiero Mucho!!!
-Hermana Wattles
P.S. I really love pollo (chickens)
We like to play with them during studies...

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