Monday, June 8, 2015

Hola... again

Sorry I didn't email last week, hehe. I was in Cusco and didn't get back to Puno until late at night and so I kept all of my emails super short.. plus not much happened because we weren't home. But this week was pretty fun!!! I'm not sure which picture I should send! Can I just send a picture of my journal??? Just kidding.
This week we got to teach lots of people and contact a lot of people in the street too! We had a lesson with one of our recent converts and she has a store. As we walked in, in walks a man who had been drinking speaking english and come to find out he is a member and all of his family members were super strong in the church. He lived in Utah for a long time and that is how he knew english. Despite the fact that he had been drinking, I learned something from him. He continued to ask us if we serve and if we think service was important. For some reason this stuck with me and I was very impressed. The Lord commands us to serve our neighbors and I believe that through service we can find such strong happiness and love for other people. In another lesson (in a store also) , we quickly read a scripture about faith. I asked her what the scripture meant to her and she said that Faith is so important. We need to have faith even in the times when we see no reason for it. She said that many times we go through hardships like death or loss of job and that is when people lose their faith but in reality, THAT IS WHEN WE NEED IT. Her words touched me so hard I just had to share it. This week I learned so much from my investigators. What an amazing thing it is to learn. Knowledge is the one thing that we can bring with us into the after life. All of us can learn something from someone else, no matter who we are and who they are.
I love this work so much and I am so thankful that I have been called to it!
I am so thankful for loving family and friends.
I love you all!!!
- Hermana Wattles

Joke of the day: me and my comp were translating things that we say in the US
1. Burrito- in english is a little donkey because a burro is a donkey and ito means little
2. Santa Fe- in english is holy faith haha
so for a good day we walked around saying im going to eat a little donkey in holy faith.
Super lame but I thought it was hilarious hahahah

ya love you all!


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