Monday, August 17, 2015


I THINK I AM THE HAPPIEST MISSIONARY IN THE WHOLE FLIPPING WORLD! Last week I opened my email and I found out that I would be training! Yipeeeee! (Secret: My friend... remember??Hermana M was going to my mission) and I just started praying that I would train. CRAZY! So I found out I would train and I went to Cusco Tuesday for training and we're all sitting in the sacrament room waiting to know who we're going to train and you´ll never guess! (well you probably would guess) IM TRAINING HER! what a tender mercy. Heavenly Father loves me an awful lot to answer those prayers!!!! so BLESSED.
We came back to Jxx on Thursday and started off working! She is such a little worker bee and it makes me soooooo idk jolly (can not think of another word) I am just so pleased with the way my mission has been going! I am so overly blessed. We were able to teach quite a few new people for the time that we had which was super amazing! I know that I am going to learn so much from her! She is so super amazing and I wish you could all get to spend the time with her that I get to spend with her! Talking about my mission with her has made me realize how much I have learned and how much I have changed for the better! The Lord has taught me so many things and everyday on the mission is a learning process! I have begun to understand and learn a lot about how the Lord is shaping and molding us everyday for the better and if we just let him do it, we can come out so much more beautiful.

I am so sorry if my words do not make sense and if they haven't made sense. Recently, speaking in English, I have started to realize that its a little ugly.... so sorry. I don't have too much to say but just remember who y'all are! I love you so much and Heavenly FAther loves you so much more! I can feel his love each and every single day and it motivates me to have more love. Remember Charity is the pure love of Christ... SO GO OUT AND GIVE SOMEONE A HUG!!!

Haha Love love love love you all so much!

-Hermana Wattles

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  1. Dear Sister Wattles!
    You are so beautiful! Thank you for being my daughters first companion! You are an answer to prayers and I will love you Forever for the kindnesses you have shown her! You two will be an amazing companionship! We pray for the both of you daily and I know those prayers are heard and answered!
    Much love,
    Sister Mamma Morris