Monday, October 19, 2015


Week 0238957029 
That's a lie.. I actually don't know how many weeks I've been here, hahah, but this week has been good and every day is a blast here. This week we had a lesson with a woman that lives near our pension and she hasn't been progressing very well so we decided to be very up front with her and have her make a decision as to whether baptism was a goal of hers. She told us that it was, so we invited her to come to church. (Church is a very hard thing for the people here. The biggest work day in J is Sunday and everyone works) We promised her that if she would come, that she would receive more income than she has before. It was super powerful and spiritual. As I made the promise, I really recognized and felt so thankful for the power and authority that we have as missionaries. This calling is so sacred and this is definitely the Lord's work.
Also this week, we went to an appointment at 7:30 at night so it was a little late and they never showed up so we started building a rock tower because we couldn't contact people or anything at that time of night. It got pretty tall... Picture attatched. But then a member came as we were building it and he gave us the weirdest look, hahahha, you kind of turn into a kid when you don't have a phone, car, anything and you just have to wait.
This week we were walking down the street and a lady popped out and asked us to take a picture with us and her little child.. so there's that picture.
What else?
Had a couple drunks shout at us, shush us in the street, and get down on his knees and take his hat off. Nothin too crazy.
Also, I gave a talk in church. That was fun.
The solo thing in sacrament meeting is starting to become a normal thing hahha.
Fun Stuff. Love you all!!!!
Se cuiden siempreeeee
-Hermana Wattles

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