Monday, October 12, 2015


Okay, so this week was CRAZYY! crazy good! Wednessday we had conference with President and it was so fun. He is such an inspired man and the words that he speaks to us, I know they are of God! That conference was also super fun because we went to Puno!!! the best place ever! On saturday, our ward had an activity called "platos tipicos", typical plates, and Hermana M and I were the judges... Oh man, by the end, I felt like an oompa loompa!!! It was great! We tried so many tasty peruvian dishes and most of them had quinua in them so that was a plus!

This week we had the most humbling experience ever.. but really. When we sat down to do weekly planning we started talking about why nothing is going our way and why so many bad things were happening like not having a phone, not having pension, having crazy music blasted every night as we're trying to sleep, baptism dates fall like nothing, and many more things and we came to the realization that this was a huge humbling experience and we hadn't learned yet. We got on our knees and asked forgiveness and tried to correct the things we were doing wrong and complain less. I feel like we have been blessed so much more and the people with whom we are working are receiving those blessing too!

One of those amazing blessings is a young girl that we received as a reference and her lessons couldn't be going more smoothly. She reads, prays, meets with us, and really desires to know and she is getting her answer. She wasn't able to come to church yesterday but I KNOW that this Gospel is changing her life and that she knows that it is true! I love her to death already and I feel so blessed to know her. Often times we find investigators and they want to know more but it just never turns out as easy as you think it will. But I guess nothing in life was meant to be easy. Especially finding truth. Satan really works so hard on us. It's just a testimony to me that the harder he's working on me it must mean that I'm doing something right! I feel so thankful for where I am at and the things that God is allowing me to learn. I feel so overwhelmed that I have such amazing friends and family that think about me, pray about me and write me. I love you all! I pray for you all and I hope that the happiness of the Gospel can enter into your lives and maybe even touch the life of another!
Funny Moment:
Numero 1- Sang a solo in sacrament... practically. So Hermana M always plays the piano and yesterday, she started playing and NOONE started singing except me! I sang the whole first verse and still no one joined in. I call that a SOLO because everyone could hear me and they still chose not to sing hahahha. I don't sing very well but when in Peru.. who cares.
Numero 2- Today we went to Sillustani and we asked this Columbian couple to take a picture of us and after we started talking to them. We started talking and they asked us where we lived and I said " Jxx no ma" and they laughed and told me I had a peruvian accent. It was funny because I had no idea!

Love you all so much!!
-Hermana Wattles


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