Monday, March 14, 2016

What happened this week?

Wow, this week was crazy crazy! I changed to my new sector like an hour after I got off of internet... that's not common. We picked up Hermanas and dropped them off every second. Tuesday night, we went to a hotel and we stayed with all of the new missionaries. We took care of them like their little mommies. It was cute. Then they got assigned to their trainers the next day! HERMANA M... IS TRAINING SO THAT MEANS I'M A GRANDMA!!!!! Wow, so much craziness! Hermana M...´s companions name is Hermana C... and she is so so so cute! She's from Peru! I love her already. She probably thinks I'm weird for that! ahahha

Anyway, after the whole craziness of changes/transfers (which was CRAZY), we finally  got to work... on Thursday! ahaha and I love this ward and this sector! It is amazing! All of the members are so happy all of the time! We have so many investigators who are willing to put their faith in Christ and want to change. I know that the Gospel changes lives and I know that if they keep down this path that they will truly find happiness.

I love the mission so much and I feel so thankful to be here in THIS mission! I love it so so so much! You should all come to Cusco! You'd fall in love! I hope you all have an amazing week and that you enjoy this 3 generation photo!
-hermana wattles

funny moment:
So this week we went to the hotel and we got all the Hermanas in their rooms and explained what was going on and at the end we asked them if they had any questions and they look at us and go, "no, we're just tired." So we left them to sleep. But the problem was that we were bored so we put music on and talked... but the talking turned into laughing and the laughing turned into jumping and dancing... and we made lots of noise.... after everything, we went to check of the Hermanas and we ask them how they are and one Hermana goes, "We're good but someone is making a lot of noise!". My companion looks at her and goes, "hmmm idk who is making noise" oh my goodness. I died! They hated us. Well not really but a little!

The picture is Me, my daughter, and my granddaughter! GREAT PRIDE

and here's a picture of me and my companion for funsies

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