Monday, March 28, 2016

Butt Bruise

This was a weekk...
I can't remember it all. Right now I'm a sister leader.. I think they call it, and so every once in a while (like every other day) we're visiting other Hermanas and spending time with them. It's super different, but I love it. So, I haven't been working in my area too much. But it's okay because it makes me happy to be able to work with other Hermanas and see how they are and how they feel. I hope they like me.. 🙃 (woa. that was the first time I've used a little face in my emails.. I hope you can see it)
Besides the little visits, we have had lots of lessons with investigators! Every week we are doing better despite the fact the sometimes we aren't able to work. Some of the lessons that I have had this week... without my companion because we were in divisions.. We taught a super catholic family and the wife wants to listen but it became apparent to me that her husband does not. So we went to their house and before we even pray, he starts asking, who is Joseph Smith, what is the Book of Mormon, what is your stand on the virgens, what are the gospels of the Bible.. stuff like that. so i just look at him and go, "can we start with a prayer :)" and he looked at me with a sassy face and said yes. The whole lesson continued like like. I don't know if we'll go back.. idk. The other lesson was with an investigator who wants to get baptized sooo bad but her boyfriend/pareja doesn't want to marry her... what. She was so happy though and told us that she just knows that she will get baptized so we taught her about goals and how we have to make goals to be able to progress. I like her!
I love this work so much. It blesses lives. It is really interesting how the Lord promises us that if we serve someone, we will grow to love them even more. IT IS SO TRUE! It blows my mind. So I invite ya'll to do the same. SERVE. Share the gospel with someone and I promise that the Lord will bless you. And if your not a member, go to church. It'll be good for you! I promisseee! I love you all so so so much and thank you for always supporting me. Jesus loves you. I'm certain.

Funny moment.
So this week.. well a couple of weeks ago, I was talking to hermana K... and I told her that I needed to stop throwing up the peace sign. So we started throwing up the pointer finger and it's stuck. Saturday night after the conference, Hermana K... starts twisting her arms around and throwing up her pointer finger in some cool way so we all learned and my companion couldn't do it. So, we cross the street to wait for a bus and as we are waiting, my companion is trying to do it and she cant so I start making fun of her. As I'm making fun of her, she gently pushed me, but some how I got off balance and I'm teetering on the edge of the bench with my arms and legs in the air and after about 10 seconds.. I think ahha I fell on the ground and now I think my butt has a bruise. :)
I love her
this picture is from last week cuz it wouldn't send!
I figured out how to use the gif option on my camera!

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