Monday, April 4, 2016

Soy Hermana Huares

Wow what a week! I would first like to apologize for not putting on a picture last week. This week, I have like a  million pictures and it is very difficult to choose one soooo....more than one! 
This week, so much happened. I got to be with Hermana K... on Wednesday! She's super fun. I feel so thankful that the Lord trusts me enough to visit other Hermanas and help them. They are so amazing and I learn SO MUCH from them! This week I feel like we didn't get to teach too much because we were busy picking up, taking, helping, ahhhh everything BUT we did have a pretty amazing lesson last night. I was really happy. We went to visit an investigator (a reference from a recent convert). This investigator doesn't know many people and she is really sick. She had four children and one died as a baby. Her ex husband lives far away and she doesn't really care to ever see him again. We went in to teach her for the second time. We talked for a while to get to know her and then we started teaching the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We got up to prophets and then I felt prompted to talk about prayer which lead to answers to prayers and then lead to baptism and how she can know if it is true. She seemed so happy the whole time and I felt so happy that we had mentioned baptism, and then my companion holds up a picture of Jesus and looks at her and starts explaining the joys of baptism and asked her to be baptized the 21st of April and she accepted! I was so so so happy! I know that she really looks to her friend as an example and wants to be like her! I am so happy. I know that this is the Lord's work! I know that I am here for a reason and that it is to be an instrument in the Lord's hands, to help his children get back home. I love this work so much! It makes me so happy! I know that it is true with all of my heart!
Conference was so amazing and I hope that you could all watch it. It truly helped me and inspired me. The conference talk on Saturday about the lost keys... and later he finds them on the top of the mountain reminded me of the time Abby W.... and I climbed a mountain and I left my keys at the top... so I hiked back up to get them.. and I did it in like 20 minutes! anyway, conference is amazing and you always learn new things I love it so much! I  love the gospel and the Lord and ah everything. I am so incredibly happy! It's incredible!
Funny story? yeah, so this friday.. I think it was... was april fool's right? and President's secretary, Elder T... calls us on Thursday and asks me if we can pick up an Hermana whose coming home from her mission. I looked at my agenda and go, "Elder T...,,,, this isn't a joke right?" "NO Hermana Wattles he tells me" hahah, so we think about it all day. We even called him to stump him in facts about her. I asked him where she was from and he goes, "uh uh uh we're praying " and hung up.. so we were sure that it was a joke. Needless to say, we went anyway... but when we got to the airport, we looked for the arrivals and her plane wasn't  there. So we really thought that it was a joke. We went and asked the front desk if there was any Hermana M... and the lady tells us that there is an Oswald and Jaki M.... We thought it was a couple so we called Elder T... and asked what her name was... He says her name is Jaki. SHOOT, so we run back into the airport and it turned out that her flight got delayed, ahhah. We were so worried that it was a joke and it just looks like Elder T... isn't the joking type!

1. a picture with me and wattle bread, ahha, it's called pan huaro but it sounds like wattle so whenever people here my name Hermana huares, they all go, ohh like pan huaro! haha the accents make my name sound a little different.
2. it reads "soups of head, stomach and feet" my companion keeps making fun of me when we see signs like that because she knows we don't eat that in the US
3. a cute llama tree with pachacutec behind .. I think.... he's an inca
4. I ate Guinea pig today for the first time. They took pictures of me eating it and Fernando goes, "KISS IT"  haha I think that was the first and last time I will eat it <3
les quiero, con amor, besitos
<3, Hermana Emily Wattles


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