Monday, April 11, 2016

I Love Cusco

Wow, I have so much to say but I waited until the last second and now I only have like 5 minutes so I will write super duper fast! This week we had so many appointments and we contacted so much! I love it! This work is all about finding others and bringing them unto Christ! We also got to work with lots of other sisters and like I have said before, I learn so so much from them! Yesterday was Sunday but there wasn't church, in all of Peru. I was really sad. It's because yesterday was their elections and they have a law that they can't have reunions and big group gatherings. So, the area seventy sent out a letter saying that no one in Peru could have Sunday meetings. It was super weird because it was a normal day, we just  couldn't buy things. It was weird. We also taught a reference from the church program, referral manager, and we found someone who looks super excited! 
I am so thankful to be a missionary and I know that this is where I am supposed to be. I love the Lord and I love my family! 
PS I heard about all of the proposals. I have a good sister who tells me everything.
Funny moments:
So the other day Hermana H... and her companion came to do visits with us and it was 10:30 and we were in our room so Hermana H... left to go to bed and pulled the door shut and the door knob just pops right off!!! She goes.. "Hermana Wattles, I think you need to open the door right now" So I go over and open the door and she's just standing there with the door handle! It was so funny! Next kind of sad funny story is that first of all.. I drink lots of water. Like 5-6 bottles a day and if I don't have water, I don't know what to do. So we were walking down the street and I swear I had my water bottle but when we got to the house it wasn't in my bag. I was so sad that I lost it so I decided to buy another one. Three days later I walk into the mission offices and I'm talking to Elder F... and I look straight ahead and see my water bottle just sitting there... with my name on it. Everyone goes, what? and I just point at my water bottle. Elder F... goes "You bought a new one didn't you?" ahah we were all laughing so hard. Sometimes I don't think too much. I think I just left it in the offices that day. oops!
ahahha it has been such a good week! I am so happy that I'm here and I love it so much! I love all of you and hope that your week is amazing!
Love, Hermana Wattles!


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