Monday, April 25, 2016

Covered in Mud

This week was really great! It was changes this week so we were running around helping missionaries get to their new areas and we hardly got to work but that's okay because I like it! Tuesday night, we were in the hotel with all of the new missionaries! They are all so cute! One of the Hermana's name is Hermana Clark and it made me think so much of Sister Abby Clark in temple square! (love you) The Elders are so funny and they want all of us to feel okay so they kept asking us if we needed anything. So we told them all of our food needs. I ended up eating a good piece of chicken with french fries. It was good. The next day, we helped all the newbies and at night we went contacting with them and then went to eat salchipapas.(french fries and chopped up hot dogs). 
The rest of the week we had a little time to visit some people! My favorite lesson was with a reference. The day before, we visited a member and asked her for a reference. At first, she didn't want to give us one and after insisting a couple of times she gave us the name of her friend (who lives way up on the top of a mountain). She agreed to go with us and the next day, we passed by her house. after 30 minutes of hiking up Mount Everest, we go to her house. She lived in a humble home with her two children. There were even rats living in her house... but besides that, it was amazing. We talked to her and just expressed the love that our Heavenly Father has for her and tears filled her eyes. You could just see how happy she was to have company and feel loved. We gave her a baptism date and she accepted. This work isn't easy but if you really put your heart and soul into it, lives will be changed. It is amazing. It is a miracle. I love being here. I love seeing the blessings of the Lord. I know that he loves us all and he only desires the very best for everyone! Hope you all have an amazing week! I will.
-Hermana Wattles 

On Friday, the elders sent us a message saying that we were going to have a reunion at 7:26, so we rushed our lesson to get there right on time. I was speed walking and it was raining and as I got to the sidewalk, I slipped... in mud. so I went to the meeting with my dress, jacket, boots, tights and everything covered in mud. WOO

1.this week for a service project we painted the church.
2. Me and Hmna A...! She is so cute! She was a mini missionary and on the 10th she goes out to serve a mission in Bolivia!
3.we had a ward activity this week based on the movie jumanji and they asigned me to draw a complex game board the looks like the one from jumanji. It turned out okay! ahahhaa

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