Monday, March 9, 2015


Okay, so this week has been so amazing! So much can happen in one week and it is absolutely crazy! I live here in Puno about five minutes from Lake Titicaca and I sort of live on a mountain so everyday we have to climb up like five sets of stairs to get to appointments and then we find out that the appointment fell through. I guess it's good exercise. But the view is amazing! I really love it here so much! The people are so sweet and patient with my terrible Spanish, hahaha. They also feed us a lot... like a lot! It's okay though because I am getting used to it! Our pension makes really good food and they are so sweet to me! Their daughter also reminds me of Nicole! Tender Mercies!!!
This saturday is my first baptism!!! WOOHOO right?! Her name is Gleny and she is just so kind and loving and she is just so ready!! I am so excited for her and she is so excited as well. We taught her a lesson in the chapel and there was a party going on in the gym. During our lesson, the song wiggle wiggle and turn down for what come on... (not good songs but they don't know that) haha it was funny because I know what it means. She brought her sister to the lesson and at the end I asked her if she wanted to be baptized.. and I did it in spanish... Awesome right?! Ay, this is just the best! 
Yesterday we visited a member and her less active children and as we walked in, there was a pig with it's head chopped off and it was hanging from the ceiling! AWESOME! annnddd the guts were all over the ground and their pets were eating it, hahah. It was definitely something different.
This week has been amazing and I am absolutely so excited for Gleny's baptism! She's the best! The church is so true. The Holy Ghost is the leader here on this mission and I am so thankful for it because I could not do it alone! I love all of you so much!!
Peace out....
Hermana Wattles 

The stairs I climb everyday!

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