Monday, March 23, 2015

Okay I want to start off by talking about the candy here. Everything is the same... but not, if that makes sense. They have this candy called Chin Chin and it CASI tastes like M&M´s. They're so good and so cute. There's also these cookies called Gretel and if you dip them in peanut butter (which is hard to come by) it CASI tastes like a Reeses Cup. I love it though. Everyday is an adventure of course. The other night the power went out and I think I just about wet my pants, HA. It was so scary. So much thunder and rain. It was fun though and I am quickly getting used to it because it rains every night and every day. And that ain't no joke.
Okay now that I've talked about some unimportant things, my week :)
This week we had intercambios with the sister leaders so I got to spend a whole day with a Latina...Which was AMAZING because I speak way too much english for living in Peru... Sorry Hermana Tuft if you read this in five months from your home computer ;) The other day we found two older ladies all in the same hour at seperate times who only spoke Quechua. So, that was sort of difficult but we helped them home and set up times to have some members from the ward who spoke the language to come with us. TOMORROW!
What else? One day we had been really tired from walking all day and sat down for a while. A woman came up to us and asked us about our church so we gave her a pass along card with the times for church. She was so sweet. On Sunday, SHE CAME! She also brought her friend. They answered so many questions and even signed up to be in the ward talent show!! WHAT?! Is this real life? Do things like this really happen! They are so spunky and I just have so much faith that they will accept the gospel. I mean.. they already fit it! We also had that Quechua lady I talked about earlier come to church... soooo church was great! I am so excited for this week and all of the new people we get to teach! We have to do it in 2 days though... cuz we're going to Cusco for three days. I have some more paper work blehhhh I JUST LOVE PUNO SO MUCH!!!
OH ONE MORE THING! shout out to my friend Savannah from BYUI who lived a couple doors down from me, I love her, and guess what?! SHE IS JOINING ME IN CUSCO HOLY GUACAMOLE. Man God loves her cuz the Cusco mission is the best. And, God loves the people for sending such a beautiful amazing girl here to them!

I know this church is true and I am so blessed to be here. Missionaries change peoples lives but I really think that these people are changing my life. I love you all.
-Hermana Wattles

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