Monday, March 2, 2015

What in the world is Puno?!

So it´s day six out in the real mission.. (because the CCM was not the real mission) I arrived in Cusco on Tuesday. It is absolutely beautiful and perfect. Everything is so green and there are so many mountains and cute little homes. All of the homes here are made out of bricks and they build them SO tall. I got my trainer on Wednesday and we headed off to our new area, Puno. Puno is the town right on Lake Titicaca and it is about ten hours from Cusco. I´ve been having fun here and at times it is rough but if I complain now, something else will come and hit me and show me that this is nothing. haha. We´ve taught a couple people so far and I love it. I don't really understand anything in Spanish yet but when I teach and talk about the gospel, words seem to flood into my mind and it is honesty the coolest thing. My training is for twelve weeks so I will be here in Puno for at least twelve weeks. All of the people I have met here so far are so kind and patient with me... because I probably talk like a kindergartener... Oh well. I am not too worried because I know that it will come with time.
Oh my word!!! My first day here, I saw a Llama and I cried. I love Llamas!!!
My trainer only has sixish months left and she says that time goes by so fast. I´ve been here for two months.. actually not even ahha so I guess that means the beginning is slow and the end is fast. That´s kinda stinky because I want the time where I don't know spanish to go by fast and the end to go by slow.
Anyway, I love you all and I am just so happy here. They all take such good care of the missionaries and its the best! I know that the church is true. This week I told a man that if he read The Book of Mormon that his life would change. It is the truth. I know it and I wasn't afraid to promise it. This is the best thing that I could be doing with my time. I love the Lord and I love this place.
-Hermana Wattles

These little dogs kept following Emily and her companion around,
they named them Dumb and Dumber

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