Monday, March 16, 2015

Every Day is a Beautiful One

This week was a GREAT ONE! I was thinking a couple of days ago... who knew I could be so happy without a cell phone, a computer, a warm shower, toilets that flush toilet paper, and PANTS? Cuz I don't get any of those things. But you know what? I am so happy!

This week we had a baptism. It was amazing. Gleny was so excited to be baptized and she felt in her heart that the church was true. The amazing thing was that at the end, she shared her testimony and she said that before she didn't know. She wasn't competely sure what she believed but that it felt right. Then she said that once she left the water, she KNEW! She said that the minute she left the water of the baptismal font, she knew it was true and she had a testimony. I cried of course. She is so amazing.

There are so many people in this world that don't know. It is so sad because our message of the gospel is a message of true happiness. It CHANGES lives. Seeing the joy on peoples faces and hearing them testify that Christ lives, drives me to continue sharing this sweet message. I like to think about what the gospel means to me. Then, I think about what my friends, family, and neighbors mean to me. I want them to have this same happiness. I know this is the truth con todo de my corazon. JesuCristo Vive y El morio para nuestros pecados. Por medio de El, nosotros podemos volver y vivir con nuestro padre celestial y nuestros familias por eternidad.

I love you guys so much. Keep smiling! The Lord is on our side!
-Hermana Wattles

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