Monday, September 7, 2015

WOW what a week. I'm telling you that every week just gets better and better, and faster and faster, and then before you know it you're almost half way done whatttt... Anyways this week was amazing and kind of... well difficult at the same time. We had so many people fail on us and lots of walking around because we don't have very much money to take busses. Pretty much every night we went to bead DEAD but ya know what? It is sooo worth it! We prayed long and hard to complete with the standards of that week and that if we would be obedient and work our hardest that we could meet all of our goals and guess what??? TENDER MERCIES! We did!! Remember Hernan who's going to get married to Kathy (Our penionistas daughter)? Well we put a date on them so that Hernan could get baptized! What an amazing feeling to help others come unto Christ. It is my ultimate pride and joy here when I can help just one person to receive the joy that I have in my life everyday. This mission is a wonderful blessing in my life and I am seeing miracles everyday. I wish I could share all of them with you!! 
Funny story of the week.
I was contacting someone in their store and mid conversation, Hermana M started contacting this old man in the street. By the time I was done and she was done, I asked her what his name was and she told me Edi Berto and that he wanted us to come to his house because he was a member and that he needed help. So the next day we pass by his house and some old woman yells QUIEN? (who?) and my companion yelled EDI BERTO! and then she told us to leave her alone and to never come to her house so I yelled NO ESTAMOS AQUI PARA USTED (we're not here for you, we're here for Edi berto) and she yelled something else and we left. A little later, a woman on the side of the street told us that no one named Edi Berto lives there but we probably meant Giermo... hahahah so embarrassing. Life of a white girl in Peru.. not understanding their names.
Anyways, I am so happy here and everyday is an adventure. I love my mission but more than all I love these people. Pray for them! They are all so amazing!
Heres a picture of me and my gorgeous companion.
and then one of me in good old Jxxx <3
love ya'll -- os amo
Hermana Wattles


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