Monday, February 29, 2016

Disaster Turned Amazingly Beautiful

First, I want to testify that only God can turn a disaster into something amazingly Beautiful. This week we had the baptism of J...!! And let me tell you, it was a very stressful week. Everyone was putting the blame on each other and no one was happy. We felt really down and desperate for help. We felt like nothing was going our way and that it would just turn into a disaster. Oh man... Just to remind you all, J... is amazing! He has gained such a strong testimony and has changed so much! He was so dang excited for his baptism and so were we, but nothing seemed to be going right. Not many people came and we all just felt down. None the less, we started the baptism and the ordinance was beautiful. After, we sang hymns. That is when everything changed. After the first hymn, everyone was smiling and so full of the spirit. I know that the Lord has a way of working miracles. That was probably one of the most spiritual baptisms that I have had and I felt so uplifted and happy. (after I bought a banana bread... just cuz).

The rest of the week was amazing. I know it was. I just can't remember what happened. The baptism has occupied all of my thoughts and feelings. 

I am so thankful for this gospel and the great opportunity that I have to serve the Lord. I know that this is his work and every day I feel more and more edified by the spirit. I love it. The Gospel is wonderful!

I love you all so much and hope you all have an amazing week! 
Love, Hermana Wattles

PS. I went to Machu Picchu today and it was AMAZING! I'll send pictures next week! Just have to add that I got yelled at like 7 times for jumping on the sacred grass. The security guard made me delete my pictures. REAL GRINCH. I was upset. I love you all so much. Write me and tell me about your weeks!

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