Monday, November 23, 2015

Almost Got Kissed

Okay, so it has been a crazy week, ups and downs.. goods and bads... mostly goods but ya know. So this week we had a couple rockin lessons. My favorite was with this man and his family. Long story short, a couple months ago with Hermana M, we were walking down the street and a drunk came up to us (as usual) and starts talking to us with his friend and all of the sudden he starts telling us about how he is a member of the church. (lots of drunks tell us they are members) Then he continues to tell us that he served a mission and that he read the Book of Mormon everyday and he loves it so much. After a while of talking, he tells us his dad's name and we stand there shocked because his dad is the president of sunday school. ... so he is a member... so we end up  telling him that if he really is interested, he should come to church and we can coordinate there. A couple weeks later we see him in the street again, drunk and trying to get us to help him, so we tell him the same thing, to go to church and we'll coordinate there. So a couple weeks ago, out of the corner of my eye, I see him in church. So I go find his dad and ask him if his son had come to church and he looks at me and goes, "Yes, he has come three sundays now and now his wife wants to get baptized and he really wants to reactivate himself into the church." I was thoroughly shocked and so happy. So we make an appointment to go visit with them. We show up and they were all happily waiting for us in their humble home. (usually people forget about appointments) But they were all there just waiting for us. It was such a good lesson and we committed his wife to baptism.
BUT.... the other day we find out they don't live in our ward boundaries. So we can't do anything... the other missionaries get to. That was a sad moment for me.. I know that they will be happy though and that the gospel will really help them.
This whole week has been crazy because we found tons of great people and all of them live in other sectors... It's rough but I'm happy that they can hear the gospel one way or another.
The week we also had a lesson with a man who is a little sick and he can't talk. We had a lesson with someone who can't talk. He understood everything and he seems pretty interested. Count your many blessings.
Good ol funny moment....
I almost got a kiss from a stranger this week.
We were crossing the street (through lots of traffic) and right as I go to cross the street some man on his bicycle leans all the way over (in almost the opposite direction that he was going) and got about and inch away from my face... and that was after I completely dodged it leaning backwards like I was playing limbo.... after he missed he goes "AWHHHH"
Caught me by surprise but it was funny ahahhahah
Also random photo shoots in the street with little high school girls isn't uncommon for us.

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