Monday, November 16, 2015

Tender Mercies

This week... what a week. You know, I have learned that as a missionary.. and a person, we will always pass through rough times. Sometimes we wonder why. Sometimes we wonder, where is God through all of this? How am I supposed to do this in the circumstances I am in. We ask so many questions and we honestly just suffer. I have learned that that is the way of life. It happens to the best of us. But more importantly, I have learned that the Lord is always with us whether we realize it or not. He is aware of us. He knows us personally. When we pass through difficulties, I really believe that if we can do it with the right attitude, that we will come out physically and spiritually stronger. I know that. I have felt it and experienced it. I like the story of the refiners fire and how the peice of metal needs to pass through intense heat and pressure. We are like that metal and although it is super hot and uncomfortable and sometimes we may not be able to see the benefits to all of the torture, the metal (or us) comes out to be a beautiful masterpiece. Sometimes I feel the heat here. Sometimes I feel like things have just gotten so hard. But in the end I have ALWAYS come out stronger learning a very valuable lesson. It is all because our Heavenly Father loves us celestially and eternally. I know it and I feel it in my life.
When I am going through a hard time, I feel his love most through his tender mercies and oh boy have a received tons of tender mercies this week!!! Just to name a couple: My pension made us brownies yesterday, mmmmmmh, this morning we ran out of flour for the pancakes and I put bread crumbs in them and they tasted fine, a less active talks to us like her best friends and gives us cake and hot chocolate, none of our appointments fall saturday, Hermana M writes me today, I find a chocolate covered almond sitting in my bag when I'm super hungry. Okay so Heavenly Father blesses me with tender mercies through food... food is good. hahah but I just feel so blessed that the Lord is aware of the little things in my life. I really feel like he is aware of me personally... I know he is aware of me. I know he is aware of you. He loves you. I KNOW IT!!! This week not much happened... but stay posted. I'm sure there will be more next week!!! haha
I love you all so much and I hope you all have a very merry week!
-Hermana Wattles

Sorry I didn't take a picture this week so here is one of my sweet comp and I in plaza de armas

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