Monday, November 9, 2015

HELLLOOO people that I love oh so much! For one reason or another, I feel especially grateful to write you all this week. This week has been a marvelous one and everyday I am learning more and more from the Lord! Last week was changes (or tansfers as you gringos call it ahah) I got called to train AGAIN!! I feel super blessed for this calling and I know that the Lord will help me through it because it's hard work!! I went to Cusco for a couple days to pick up my new companion, Hermana F.. and bring her back to the wonderful J..!! It was super fun! I also had to say goodbye to Hermana M. She'll be greatly missed, I love her to death!!
This week we got to teach lots of less active members and help them understand some of the Gospel principles. It was such a sweet blessing to meet with them because this sunday many of them came! I was so super happy and I feel so blessed to be a missionary.
These days it has been raining a lot... everyday it rains and a big ol storm is brewin here in the Peru Cusco Mission but it's all good because today I bought like 20 top ramen instant noodles! (food storage of a missionary) haaa.
I think the funniest thing that happened this week was when I was in cusco with my new companion and we were contacting people in the plaza. Some teenager came up to us to try and sell us Machu Picchu tickets so we decided to contact him. In that moment, I was eating some chocolate covered almonds and he looked at me and asked if he could have one, so I gave him one. He looks at us with his chocolate and asks us if we wanted to share the tiny little chocolate as he pointed to his mouth. ahahha clásico.
This week has been a really good week but I look forward to some more really rewarding weeks! I love you all so much!!!
-Hermana Wattles

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