Monday, March 28, 2016

Butt Bruise

This was a weekk...
I can't remember it all. Right now I'm a sister leader.. I think they call it, and so every once in a while (like every other day) we're visiting other Hermanas and spending time with them. It's super different, but I love it. So, I haven't been working in my area too much. But it's okay because it makes me happy to be able to work with other Hermanas and see how they are and how they feel. I hope they like me.. 🙃 (woa. that was the first time I've used a little face in my emails.. I hope you can see it)
Besides the little visits, we have had lots of lessons with investigators! Every week we are doing better despite the fact the sometimes we aren't able to work. Some of the lessons that I have had this week... without my companion because we were in divisions.. We taught a super catholic family and the wife wants to listen but it became apparent to me that her husband does not. So we went to their house and before we even pray, he starts asking, who is Joseph Smith, what is the Book of Mormon, what is your stand on the virgens, what are the gospels of the Bible.. stuff like that. so i just look at him and go, "can we start with a prayer :)" and he looked at me with a sassy face and said yes. The whole lesson continued like like. I don't know if we'll go back.. idk. The other lesson was with an investigator who wants to get baptized sooo bad but her boyfriend/pareja doesn't want to marry her... what. She was so happy though and told us that she just knows that she will get baptized so we taught her about goals and how we have to make goals to be able to progress. I like her!
I love this work so much. It blesses lives. It is really interesting how the Lord promises us that if we serve someone, we will grow to love them even more. IT IS SO TRUE! It blows my mind. So I invite ya'll to do the same. SERVE. Share the gospel with someone and I promise that the Lord will bless you. And if your not a member, go to church. It'll be good for you! I promisseee! I love you all so so so much and thank you for always supporting me. Jesus loves you. I'm certain.

Funny moment.
So this week.. well a couple of weeks ago, I was talking to hermana K... and I told her that I needed to stop throwing up the peace sign. So we started throwing up the pointer finger and it's stuck. Saturday night after the conference, Hermana K... starts twisting her arms around and throwing up her pointer finger in some cool way so we all learned and my companion couldn't do it. So, we cross the street to wait for a bus and as we are waiting, my companion is trying to do it and she cant so I start making fun of her. As I'm making fun of her, she gently pushed me, but some how I got off balance and I'm teetering on the edge of the bench with my arms and legs in the air and after about 10 seconds.. I think ahha I fell on the ground and now I think my butt has a bruise. :)
I love her
this picture is from last week cuz it wouldn't send!
I figured out how to use the gif option on my camera!

Monday, March 21, 2016

I Love Peru

Enserio. I love it here so much! This Tuesday we had concilio (cousel with president and the leaders of the mission). It was my first and it was super great! We went to president's house and he talked to us about how the mission can improve and how we can help him. They have a cook and she's amazing! She makes fried rice and barbeque chicken! SO GOOD! It was such an amazing opportunity to hear how president wants us to improve and the way he sees this mission going! I loved it a lot.
Also, this Saturday... or something like that, I don't remember, we went to a member's house. She wanted us to teach her mom about the Plan of Salvation because her son had died and she doesn't remember many of the church principles because she's about 70-80 years old. We started talking to them and we find out that they live in a little pueblo with their animals and their farm and they can't leave much because it is expensive and far, so, they asked permission from the stake president to hold church services in their own home every Sunday! And he said yes. the grandpa has the priesthood and they hold their services. WOW, It made me so happy. I was literally so impressed! I also got to go back to my old area to do divisions with my old companion! That was fun!

Miracle of the week! Today we went to our internet place and the lady tells us that the internet is super slow and that it was slow in all of that area. So, we decided to go to the other side of Cusco to write you guys and we walk into the internet and she tells us that all of Cusco has slow internet. So, we sat down to open the wep pages and it took me 20 minutes to open the page so I said a little prayer and now the internet works super speedy. Prayer works.

I love you all so much! I have had such a great week! Every week is great! I hope you all have a good day! I love you so much and thank you for writing me!  I feel so blessed to be here learning the things that I'm learning. The Lord is truly shaping me to be the person I'm meant to be!

I love you so much
Have a good week..
-Hermana Wattles
I can't remember funny things... what a pitty. I hope you have a funny week :)

Monday, March 14, 2016

What happened this week?

Wow, this week was crazy crazy! I changed to my new sector like an hour after I got off of internet... that's not common. We picked up Hermanas and dropped them off every second. Tuesday night, we went to a hotel and we stayed with all of the new missionaries. We took care of them like their little mommies. It was cute. Then they got assigned to their trainers the next day! HERMANA M... IS TRAINING SO THAT MEANS I'M A GRANDMA!!!!! Wow, so much craziness! Hermana M...´s companions name is Hermana C... and she is so so so cute! She's from Peru! I love her already. She probably thinks I'm weird for that! ahahha

Anyway, after the whole craziness of changes/transfers (which was CRAZY), we finally  got to work... on Thursday! ahaha and I love this ward and this sector! It is amazing! All of the members are so happy all of the time! We have so many investigators who are willing to put their faith in Christ and want to change. I know that the Gospel changes lives and I know that if they keep down this path that they will truly find happiness.

I love the mission so much and I feel so thankful to be here in THIS mission! I love it so so so much! You should all come to Cusco! You'd fall in love! I hope you all have an amazing week and that you enjoy this 3 generation photo!
-hermana wattles

funny moment:
So this week we went to the hotel and we got all the Hermanas in their rooms and explained what was going on and at the end we asked them if they had any questions and they look at us and go, "no, we're just tired." So we left them to sleep. But the problem was that we were bored so we put music on and talked... but the talking turned into laughing and the laughing turned into jumping and dancing... and we made lots of noise.... after everything, we went to check of the Hermanas and we ask them how they are and one Hermana goes, "We're good but someone is making a lot of noise!". My companion looks at her and goes, "hmmm idk who is making noise" oh my goodness. I died! They hated us. Well not really but a little!

The picture is Me, my daughter, and my granddaughter! GREAT PRIDE

and here's a picture of me and my companion for funsies

Monday, March 7, 2016


I don't even know where to start.?¡?¡ Maybe I'll go in chronological order. Yeah.

Last Monday, I went to Machu Picchu! In our mission, we all get the opportunity to go at least once.. and I went my once! It was amazing! We left at 2 in the morning, took a bus, then a train, then a bus and we were there at 10 in the morning! It was so beautiful! We got to walk around and listen to what everything means and learn a lot about how it was made and discovered. Such an extraordinary experience. I got yelled at like 20 million times because they didn't explain to us that you cant jump... so I jumped and they made me delete my pictures.. RUDE: but I kept one. the security guard looks at my camera and goes, there's still one. NOOO I said... I deleted them all. He was so mad at me. I snuck this goodie in!  After Machu Picchu, we enjoyed our last week together because I got changes! I'm going to another area in Cusco and I'm going to be my companions sister leader so it's okay. haha

J... (the one who just got baptized) is AMAZING! We went to church on Sunday and went to all the classes and at the end, J... tells us that he took up a job in the mines and that he won't be able to come to church for a whole month. We were pretty bummed about that. Well I was kind of upset because in reality, Satan is so sneaky and I know that 4 weeks without church is bad news sooo.. Hermana A... and I talked and we decided that we needed to talk to him and tell him that he can't go. So, we head towards his house and on the way to his house, we remembered that his whole family was going to be there and we can't talk to him alone because he's a guy (mission rules). So, we see the Elders in the street and they're about to hop on a bus so we start yelling ELDERS and running after them from 2 blocks down. We caught them and asked them if they could go and talk to J... alone for us. They agreed and we switched appointments. We saw them at night and asked them how it went and J... IS STAYING!!!!  Oh my gosh, so happy. He said that he felt a bad feeling about it and the Elders taught him more about the Holy Ghost and how he now has that gift with him and that is why he feels bad! Oh my, I am so so happy! I feel like he is truly converted!

This work makes me so happy and I can't imagine myself anywhere else! I know the Gospel is true and I know that Christ is our savior. I know that the gospel really makes us happy! Thank you all for being such an amazing example! I love you!

-Hermana Wattles

Oh don't worry... I have lots of awkward moments!
1) So this Saturday, we had a meeting with our mission leader and we were trying so hard to get there on time and we were walking so fast. I entered the church and barged right in to the room where we have our meetings and looked at them. The Elders stared at me with the most awkward/annoyed faces. I was so confused and I look down and they're right in the middle of a lesson with a progressing ivestigator and I just barged right in and interrupted.... I was a little embarrassed.
2) Friday, we were walking to lunch and a group of Americans look at us and say, Hey the Hermanas... So, I stop dead in my tracks to say hi to them and they just keep walking... I was staring at them as they were walking away.. Wow, I felt awkward. they even commented walking away. THEN Sunday they're in our ward. So, I go up to talk to them and they ask me, "Were you the Hermana from the other day who stopped??".. Oh, my I felt so uncomfortable! But they were so so so nice! They're going to do the Inca trail today and I am so jealous! I want to do it so bad!

I have the coolest mission!

I love you all! Sorry this is so long!

-Herm Wattles