Friday, December 30, 2016

6 Months

I am writing this as a kind of update/reflection/request (if that makes any sense).


I have been home for almost 6 months. WHAT THE! To me, it has flown by and 6 months just sounds like so much time for what it feels like, but every time I talk to a returned missionary up at school, they still say that I am fresh off of the mission. Since being home, I have been attending Brigham Young University Idaho. I am still undeclared for my major but I am thinking about going into Finance! We'll see! I've gone on some fun vacations with the family. I think that I am just so happy to be with my family! I wish I could be with them every day. The sister that I trained, came home from her mission last week... that was weird. I was so so so happy to see her though! I cried... SEVERAL times. I even cried to some random lady at school collecting text books. It was just such a bad day and I could not wait to see her. Right now it is winter break and I will be going back for winter semester and I couldn't be more excited! Next week, I have an interview to be an EFY counselor. We'll see what happens!

These last months have been DIFFICULT but so rewarding. If ANYONE reads this and has recently returned from a mission, I know what it's like. It's hard.
I still get mixed up with the language. Today, I couldn't think of the word for foreign.
One thing that is really hard is feeling as though I am slipping out of those good missionary habits. Stuff like cleaning, planning, and NO SOCIAL MEDIA!! its tough.
Although it is hard, I still have learned so so many principles that have shaped me to be who I am. I just need to NEVER forget those principles. Love and Obedience have been so important to me ever since I have served. I love love love the #lighttheworld initiative by the church on It inspired me to spread my love for the Savior and others through service.
Coming home from a mission is a constant effort to continue in the light of Christ. Something that I have learned is that it is so hard to be home and I feel as though I have so much to learn but the mission was also hard. I wasn't perfect there either! We are learning everyday no matter where we are and what are circumstances.
As long as we are following Christ and applying the doctrine that he taught, we are on the correct path!

This blog shows me where the most views come from and I can see that most of the views come from If anyone is reading this who has their call to Cusco, I'd love to read your emails! I miss Cusco so so much and if anyone wants to add me to their weekly emails, my email is Thank you thank you thank you!

If anyone has any questions, I'd love to answer them!!

Hermana Emily Wattles
Mi HIJA. Hna Morris is home!
Ran into the mission president and his wife at General Conference.