Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Days

This week was interesting, not much happened that I can remember.  I want to share a miracle... a food miracle. So for the past month, we have been trying to find a new pension because we were getting dropped. :( We looked the whole month and NO ONE wanted to feed us. The problem is that the white missionaries get sick and are really picky so lots of people are scared to pension for us and we're two whities. Also, everyone here works. So literally no one could feed us. Do you know how scary that is???? To realize that in a week if you don't find anyone you'll starve or be very poorly fed. Man I need my food. That was really hard. I cried, I panicked, I worried ... everything.Well, practically two days before the end of our pension, she said she wanted to keep feeding us and that she wanted to bring the food to our house!!! Lo Maximo! That was such a blessing to me.
Our phone still doesn't work... but who's complaining. We have one really amazing investigator. Her name is M... and when we first met her she didn't want to listen and she didn't even really look at us. Now she is so interested and says that she will get baptized once she understands better! Pray for her! I love her so much!
I don't have any pictures :( We met some people in the Plaze and they wanted to take pictures with us and I told them to send me the pictures but they didn't so maybe next week!
I love you all so much 
oh.. ps i dyed my hair... oops

-Hermana Wattles

Monday, December 7, 2015

Juliaca Mía

Where do I start.
This week so many things happened and I told my companion, "remind me to put that in my email". I always say that and then I forget. So, this week, we had probably the most interesting lesson that I have ever had IN MY LIFE. We have been working with a less active almost the whole time that I have been here and their kid who isn't a member. The kid seems really interested, so this week we brought a member their same age to come with us. Bad idea. As we start the lesson, no one can sit still and the spirit really isn't there. We start reading the pamphlet and every once in a while we ask a question to make sure that they understand. Basically, everything that we teach, the less active completely denies and tells her kids that it's not right. All of it really surprised me because I had never heard anyone say those kinds of things before. I won't share too many details but basically every thing we said, she turned around and told her kids that it was wrong and this is how it is. Basically, she has a very futuristic view on how the church works.
Okay so a couple of days ago, I wasn't feeling very well. My stomach hurt so bad and I couldn't control my burps, ahahha. I didn't know what was wrong with me so we ended up going to an investigators house and talking for a while. I told her how I felt and she so very quickly whipped me up some herbal tea and medicine and essential oils and gave me advice. It was so sweet. I never felt so specially treated here before and she did it all without even a second thought. I love her!
This week we were also able to teach the wife of a less active and I can't tell you how amazing it was and how amazing she is. I consider it a mini miracle. When we first met her, she didn't want to hear about anything that had to do with the church and she refused to read or do anything. Now we are teaching her. She reads the pamphlets and listens so openly. Her whole countenance has changed and it is just such a blessing. Pray for her. I know we will be able to see great miracles with her. This week was weird. I can't even share it all.

The picture... I decided to braid my hair without looking and that's what happened. It got caught on another hair that's keeping it up in the air, ahhaha.
-Hermana Wattles