Monday, April 27, 2015

Wow, what a week!

Okay, so I'm just going to talk about our wonderful baptism because it was just amazing ya.. hahah 

We had the baptism of Hermana Casi  (The one who only speaks Quechua). It was so beautiful! We walked up the normal five flights of stairs to go get her. Oh, can I mention that she walks those stairs every Sunday just so that she can get to church and she is always early! Anyways, we walk up to her house and right as we enter she is just ecstatic to get going. She was wearing a brand new skirt and a cute hat. It was so Cute!!! Then we walked down those stairs with her and down to the church. She sat there patiently and waited to be baptized. The whole time, she had the biggest smile on her face, it just warmed my heart. Finally she was baptized and the spirit was so strong. She had been waiting for this. After, we walked up with her to her house and she pointed at the pigs. We had no idea what she wanted us to do because she speaks Quechua but eventually we figured out that she wanted us to bring them into her house so we drag her pigs into her house by a rope. It was an interesting experience but really fun, ahha. The baptisms of these faithful people just warm my heart. They are changing their whole lives, but it is definitely for the better. I hope that everyone can one day feel that spirit that was felt during her baptism. I love her and I love all of the people here! I can not wait to see what this amazing adventure brings! I love you all from the bottom of my heart. More importantly, God loves you individually!

Have an amazing week!!
-Hermana Wattles

Monday, April 20, 2015

How long have I actually been here?

So this week was a chill week. We taught, it rained, we taught, it rained. I'm super excited for our two super amazing investigators... Paola and Kasi. Paola is the cutest person I have EVER met in my life. She is basically already a member. She comes to all of the activities and always always always participates in the classes at church. SHE IS THE BEST!!! I am so excited for her and the 9th. Then we have Kasi, she only speaks Quechua and has the most faith in the world. So much faith that she wanted to get baptized in the freezing cold Lake Titicaca but the ward won't let her. She´d freeze to death that sweet woman.
It´s kinda hard to remember what happened the week before because all of the days blend into one. I feel like pday was yesterday. Oh yeah, this week we saw the most ginormous pig I have ever seen in my life! I took pictures but it doesn't do it justice. We also couldn't go to one of our appointments because there were hundreds of police blockading the hotel on the island. It was crazy. Spanish gradually gets better each and every day but you should all still pray for me.
I'm so thankful for this work. I love my Father in Heaven with all my heart. I love the people here so much and I wish that all of you could meet them! I hope you all have a fantastic week! Don't forget to pray   Oh and don't forget to share a smile with a friend. The best way to share the gospel is by example!
I love you all!
-Hermana Wattles

Monday, April 13, 2015

Weeks are Days

Today I hit three months exactly in the mission. Not a lot... but in a way a lot. It starts to scare me when I feel like Pday was yesterday and I was writing y'all like 24 hours ago... and it's only going to get faster. Everyday I grow to love Puno more and more. I love the people, I love the area, I love the missionaries, and everything else about here. Last night we sat down for some hot chocolate and bread for dinner and we were all laughing and joking around. It was the best. The lady who cooks our food is the grandma and she doesn't live with us so as she got up to go home, I stopped her and said, ´tengo una pregunta I have a question.... okay so in english, abuelita is grandma... can we call you grandma?´she just looked at us and gave us a huge hug and said ´yes my children´ in the thickest spanish accent. I love her!!!
On Saturday we had a baptism of a young girl and it was the best. Baptisms bring such joy to my soul. People are changing their lives forever and for good. They are accepting Christ and inviting him and his Father into their lives. We also had the pleasure of setting two baptism dates this week. This work simply brings joy to my soul. Every time we teach and invite others to come unto Christ, a peace fills my soul. I love this work and I am so thankful for the life, family, and work that I have been given by my loving Heavenly Father. The best way to share the gospel here is with the families. What a grand message that we can live with our families for eternity. I love my family so much and in a way you are all my family. I love you all so much and never forget your true identity. You are a child of God with a purpose and a plan. Never doubt yourself because the greatest being of all has never doubted you for a second. He loves you, I love you.
If any of you ever need ANYTHING, a spiritual quote, some advice, a silly picture, a prayer, service, anything email me. I just have and overflowing love for you all. We're all in this together and the Lord is on our side. I love you all so much.
-Hermana Wattles

Monday, April 6, 2015

Soy un Princessa

This week was a great one. I have so many pictures and I just could not pick one to send so I might send a couple.. oops hahah sorry. This week my companions and I hiked up 600 stairs to a look out point and we looked like TOTAL tourists. It was the best. It is just awesome to look at people and tell them that we live here in Puno (in spanish) The looks get worse, hahha. We had lots of lessons this week and they were the absolute best. We taught many people and we are so excited for the baptism of Kasi next week! She is 73 and only speaks Quechua. Even though the communication is a little off, we have really grown to love her. She is one in a million. This weekend was conference and  I just have to tell all of you brats that can watch it in english, WATCH IT IN ENGLISH!!! It is such a blessing to have a living day prophet like Moses and Noah. He talks to us and we have the amazing opportunity to hear him in his own voice. In the scriptures it says that everyone will be able to receive the gospel in their own tongue. How great is it that the missionaries throughout the world are helping to roll that truth forward. I love this place and I love my Heavely Father with all my heart. We are children of God which makes us rightful heirs to his kingdom. Therefore, Soy un princessa. You guys are too don't worry ;).  I also wrote that I am a princess too because I kissed a frog this week so I am really hoping that I turn into a princess... :)
Guys, this is the true church. I know it with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength. I don't know very many things but I do trust my Heavenly Father and his Holy Spirit. This work is inspired and I am here for a reason. Not just for kicks and giggles. The Lord is changing peoples lives through the missionaries. It is such an amazing beautiful thing to be apart of this work. Heavenly Father Loves you! He loves your family! He loves your friends! He is always watching out for us and he will ALWAYS answer our prayers.  I will always pray for all of you. I know that the spirit has touched all of our lives. Never forget that spirit and treasure it up with all of your heart. He loves you. 
I love you. Have an amazing week and don't ever forget our Savior and that He Lives. 
-Hermana Wattles

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vacation?? (March 30th)

I title this "Vacation" for two reasons... 1. because this place literally is a freaking vacation and 2. because I actually went on a vacation this week haha oops. It was awesome. We went to Cusco on Thursday. The drive there is ten hours BLECK! We got there and did a little shopping. I ate a REAL hamburger OMG HEAVEN and then afterwards we went to pinkberry... they have a pinkberry here. Anyone who REALLY REALLY knows me... like Elder Hecker (who worked at a yogurt shop) KNOWS my deep obsession for frozen yogurt. So yeah that was basically bliss. So that day was unforgetable ahahahah take advantage of your heavenly american food and think of me next time you eat FroYo. So the next day, I woke up at 3AM yuckkkk and we went to the airport at 4. The whole day I spent in Lima with ALL elders... I was the only Hermana! ... My font just changed to italics idk why... So that day was great but long and HOT. I got to see some elders from the CCM and talk to someone who understood my struggles of a new missionary who didn't get spanish yet. Elder Jones and I got to teach a woman in Migraciones and it was so amazing but suprisingly so incredibly hard. WE TAUGHT IN ENGLISH.. that's a first. It was amazing though. She's going to be living here as a missionary for her catholic church and she really appreciated all of the other work that religions do to help build up a religious community! She was awesome. Cusco and Lima were awesome!
Anyways, the rest of this week has been amazing! We are teaching two separate girls who really want to be baptized and we plan on giving them a date this week! How rewarding?! We also have a woman who we gave a date yesterday for three weeks. She only speaks Quechua so it will sure be an adventure! I can't wait. Even though we speak different languages, she loves us so much and I just know that within a couple days, the Gospel has touched her life profoundly. This church is true. I would like to share my amazing spiritual experience for the week. This week My testimony on prayer has been greatly strengthened. Heavenly Father WILL grant us our righteous desires if we ask with real intent, having Faith in Christ. I testify that this IS the truth! I pray for the strength to be obedient and the ability to understand this language everyday and my prayers are answered. It is so amazing. Nothing is easy.. NOTHING IS EASY, but through fervent prayer it has become SO much easier. Heavenly Father has blessed me as well as each and everyone of you. You Only Live Once so live a life that you will be able to stand in front of Christ and be proud of. I love you guys.
Read. Pray. and Assist.... is that the right word?
(assist church) :)

-Hermana Wattles