Friday, December 30, 2016

6 Months

I am writing this as a kind of update/reflection/request (if that makes any sense).


I have been home for almost 6 months. WHAT THE! To me, it has flown by and 6 months just sounds like so much time for what it feels like, but every time I talk to a returned missionary up at school, they still say that I am fresh off of the mission. Since being home, I have been attending Brigham Young University Idaho. I am still undeclared for my major but I am thinking about going into Finance! We'll see! I've gone on some fun vacations with the family. I think that I am just so happy to be with my family! I wish I could be with them every day. The sister that I trained, came home from her mission last week... that was weird. I was so so so happy to see her though! I cried... SEVERAL times. I even cried to some random lady at school collecting text books. It was just such a bad day and I could not wait to see her. Right now it is winter break and I will be going back for winter semester and I couldn't be more excited! Next week, I have an interview to be an EFY counselor. We'll see what happens!

These last months have been DIFFICULT but so rewarding. If ANYONE reads this and has recently returned from a mission, I know what it's like. It's hard.
I still get mixed up with the language. Today, I couldn't think of the word for foreign.
One thing that is really hard is feeling as though I am slipping out of those good missionary habits. Stuff like cleaning, planning, and NO SOCIAL MEDIA!! its tough.
Although it is hard, I still have learned so so many principles that have shaped me to be who I am. I just need to NEVER forget those principles. Love and Obedience have been so important to me ever since I have served. I love love love the #lighttheworld initiative by the church on It inspired me to spread my love for the Savior and others through service.
Coming home from a mission is a constant effort to continue in the light of Christ. Something that I have learned is that it is so hard to be home and I feel as though I have so much to learn but the mission was also hard. I wasn't perfect there either! We are learning everyday no matter where we are and what are circumstances.
As long as we are following Christ and applying the doctrine that he taught, we are on the correct path!

This blog shows me where the most views come from and I can see that most of the views come from If anyone is reading this who has their call to Cusco, I'd love to read your emails! I miss Cusco so so much and if anyone wants to add me to their weekly emails, my email is Thank you thank you thank you!

If anyone has any questions, I'd love to answer them!!

Hermana Emily Wattles
Mi HIJA. Hna Morris is home!
Ran into the mission president and his wife at General Conference.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Im Home!!!

with my whole family
So I have been meaning to post one more entry just to tell about my arrival to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It was pretty great. The last few days in the mission were somewhat stressful but great all at the same time. We had our last interviews with President and I got to buy my last souvenirs (lots of them).

We left Wednesday at 6pm, the time we had to be at the airport. We took lots of goodbye pictures and went off. We arrived in Lima at about 9pm and sat around in the airport until 2am AND I was the only Hermana with a whole bunch of Elders. It was fun! Then at about 8am, we arrived in Los Angeles. It was super confusing because I was with all of the Elders through customs and at the end, the lady checked my ticket and told me to go to a whole different line to get checked through security! What the heck!? Then, I was all alone. I didn't like that. But, after about an hour or so of going through more security, finding the gate, and meeting random guys from Chile who only spoke Spanish and wanted to hold my bags for me, I found the group. And, at 11:05 I boarded the plane to Las Vegas with Elder Webb (who is also from Las Vegas). We thought that it was going to be the longest plane ride of our lives but before we knew it, we were right over Las Vegas and I was kinda freaking out. I bet Elder Webb got annoyed of me but I was overly excited to see my family! We landed and we walked so fast. I could not sit still. After getting off the plane we booked it. Even ran to get on the tram. (I was not going to wait any longer than I had to to see my family). We got to the escalator that went down to baggage claim and I saw my dad. I just lost it then. I started crying and hugged all of them. It was a crazy rush of emotions. We took pictures, got my bags, and went to Cafe Rio!!  It was a crazy two days.

Since I have been home, I have been so happy to be in the company of my family! I  love them so much. We have been able to go to the temple, take a trip to Utah and just do all kinds of family stuff. I even got a job working with my dad and sister! I am so happy. The mission has made me recognize how important family is. I love them so much and I feel so blessed to have them in my lives again. I am so happy that I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, where I know who I am and I know God's plan. I know that I can find happiness in the simplicity of life. I am so happy. I am thankful for the faith that I have been able to grow in this time. I am thankful for my mission and the time that I spent coming unto Christ. I want to share this with everyone.

I will be giving my final homecoming talk this Sunday, July 10th at 9am in the Red Rock Stake Center on Alta and Town Center. All are welcome to come. and then at 6:30 those who would like to come over and see meeee :) are welcome to come! Text me for details 7026068559.

I love you all and thanks for reading my blog for so long!
-Emily Wattles



temple for the first
Petting zoo in Utah

Monday, June 27, 2016

My Last Pictures

I haven't had a lot of time lately so I thought I'd just get on and send my last pictures before I come home. I love you all and see you in 3 days.

Hermana M... and I waiting in the airport for an Hermana at 4 in the morning. Our faces were a little rough

My last moment with her in the mission. Bye


The cutest little kid eating an apple

Elizibeth and Kris. Last photo

My favorite child. His faces crack me up


Monday, June 20, 2016

Cusco is Good for Rocks

 The cool Inca bridge that we got to cross. (made out of straw)
So, this week was really great! We got to visit lots of new people that are excited to hear about the gospel. This week was my last concilio (lider conference). It was also the last one of presidents too. So, we went to Qeswachaka, an Inca bridge that is made out of straw that they rebuild ever year. It was amazing. President taught us so many things. He talked about going back home and what things we need to learn. Everyone says that returned missionaries are weird and awkward when they get home and I'm starting to understand why. We are here for SO MUCH TIME and the mission is all we know. So bear with me when I get back, ahah. 
This week we were able to visit so many people but I think something amazing that I learned this week was the worth of all of these people. Everyone is a child of God. Everyone is searching for some form of happiness and as missionaries, as leaders and members of the church, it is our responsibility to help all of them have an opportunity to receive the gospel. You never know who will accept it. 
This week we decided to contact a woman that we had talked to several times and had always spoken to us in a very grumpy tone. Well.. this time she looked at us and goes, "share something with me right now. I have time" So we sat down on the curb of the road and we shared a message with her. We had to explain why we don't worship saints and why we don't say the same prayer over and over again because she is super catholic but at the end of it all, she understood and she thanked us for teaching her things that she had not heard before. It was really great to see that hearts do change in the littlest ways.
In the mission, we see miracles everyday but as I think about it, I think that we see miracles everyday in our ordinary lives. We just have to have the spiritual eyes to see them.
I know that the gospel is true. I love it. 
-Hermana Wattles
I told you Cusco is good for rocks

Last night, we were out a little too late because the Hermana
who was going to Machu Picchu got here late.
Then we had to wait outside for someone to open the door and
as we're waiting, some drunk is trying to get at me and touching me,
so my companion pushes him and we walk to the corner.
Then I tried on the Hermanas cool glasses. It was a weird night.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Crazy Week

Okay, this week was crazy. Every week just goes by faster and faster. So does that mean that these last weeks will feel like days? I think so. I think this week, I am learning to love what comes at me. BECAUSE everything has come at me. This week we got to visit many different people and wow their spirits just lift me up. I love being a missionary. I think that I learn more and more about why I'm here every day. Isn't that amazing? Life is just great. We are all here to learn and grow and really... if we are doing what is right, we will learn and grow. It's not always easy but it is 100% possible. I really do believe that. I feel so thankful that my Heavenly Father has sent me here to serve where I am and who I am with. The Gospel is so beautiful and we can only recognize the beauty of the gospel when we take one step at a time, doing what is right and just enjoying everyday. I think that is my current goal, to really enjoy every moment. I think I am.

So this week, we visited a less active family that has always told us that going to church would be impossible for them. We decided to share a scripture about the love of God and ended up talking about our priorities as members of the church. Soon, the mood changed and they started sharing their testimonies on why it is important to be faithful and complete with the commandments. It was so amazing. They even gave us bread and hot chocolate after! AND you know what? Two of them came to church yesterday. Wow, I was so happy.

It is amazing how the progress of others can really affect us if we love. Love is so important and I think that is one of the biggest lessons that I am learning and continuing to learn. I love the gospel. I love our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ. I love this work. I love who I am. I love my companion. I love my mission and all of the things that I am learning. I feel so thankful for my trials because they have shaped me to be who I am.

I know that the Gospel is true.
- Hermana Wattles
We made brownies last night... lots of brownies and I ate almost all of them

Cusco is great for taking pictures in front of rocks


Monday, June 6, 2016

3 generations

QUILLABAMBA so beautiful
This week was fantastic. I feel so blessed to be where I am and know the missionaries that I know and to teach the people I teach. All have such tender spirits and I am truly learning SO much. This week my Hermana M... left and is now at home, and now I have my new companion, Hermana R.... I feel so blessed to be with her and I know that I am going to learn so much. 
This week we picked up all of the new missionaries and the whole routine. After all of the missionaries came, met their new companions and went home, it was Thursday and we got to work! We met lots of really cool people. One day we were walking down the street and Hermana R... contacted two women and we started talking and shared a message with them. One of the ladies was pregnant and at the end of it all, I asked her what she was going to name her baby and she had no idea. I told her I could give her American names and she was like, "YEAH" so I sat for like 15 minutes thinking of white baby boy names, ahaha, at the end of it all she chose Jordan. Her due date was yesterday so we'll see.
We also taught another lady in the street (well right outside of her house). We taught her about the reunions in the church and at the end, we taught her how to pray and she offered the closing prayer. In her prayer she asked God to help her come to church. She asked that when Sunday came that she wouldn't have any obstacles that kept her from coming. WOW, that was such a faith builder for me.
Last night, we taught Hermana R.... and the Elders came. We talked about faith. Hna R... nephew told us that he had never seen a miracle because of his faith and then we started talking about how when we truly show our faith, the Lord opens our eyes. I think that is so true. The more we exercise our faith, the more it grows and we are able to see the little tender mercies in our lives. I know that the Lord lives. I know that His love is real. I know that He has so much for us to learn, we just have to open the door and let Him teach us. I know that the Gospel is true and I love it with all of my heart. 
I hope that you all have a fantastic week.
-Hermana Wattles

Me, my daughter (the missionary I trained), and her daughter (the missionary that she is going to train) 3 GENERATIONS. wow now I have 2 grand daughters.

My new companion and I in the plaza our first night

Hna A.... my favorite girl from payta!!! she's going to do great in Juliaca. I miss that place.

Monday, May 30, 2016


This week has gone by faster than any other week BUT, I'm starting to think that maybe this week will go by even faster. We traveled almost everyday this week. We went to Quillabamba (the most beautiful place I think I have seen) and we were with the hermanas there doing work visits. I got bit by lots of mosquitos there! It was so fun. Then we went to Abancay (maybe the second most beautiful). That day we didn't get to go out a lot because the hermana that I was with got sick. So, we talked all day about the blessings of the gospel. Sounds boring, BUT it was so great! I learned so much and realized how amazing the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is. I feel so blessed to be apart of His gospel. Then we came back and it was Saturday already! LOOK how fast that week went by! crazy! 
We did have a lesson with ONE investigator and it was really great. She was a contact off of the street and it didn't really seem like she wanted anything but we came back and she let us in!!! She accepted what we said to her and she told us that she would come to church!!! I was so happy! This work really is the best and i feel so blessed to be here. I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is at the head of all of this work. I know that we are blessed when we do the right things. I think that the greatest lesson that I learned this week was about really being happy. Sometimes I think we make ourselves sad for no reason. NO ONE can really control our happiness.. Only we can! If we want to be happy, we choose to be. I like being happy. I know that the Lord wants us to be happy. It's like it says in the Book of Mormon that men were created to have joy! I love that. We can not control what other people do, so the best thing is to just have a great attitude.
I know that this Gospel is true. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and that I am where I am for a reason. I trust him 100%. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior OF THE WORLD. I am so thankful for the experiences that I have had in my life. They have shaped me to be the person that I am today. I'm not perfect but that's what we're all working for right?
I hope that you all have an amazing week!
-Hermana Wattles
Funny experience? Everyday of my life
This week we rode a bus that goes to Lima so there were lots of white people on the bus. Sitting next to us was a guy with really long blonde hair and it was super shiny and just really good hair, and in Peru there's not a lot of guys with long hair... like no one ahah, so my companion was cracking up so hard and telling me that his hair was better and way prettier than my hair. Haha my companion was comparing my hair with a guy...

Today was a crazy day. I picked up, dropped off, helped and just everything and without my companion. So, they were my companions for two hours, then I got new one every other companion.

I think this might be my last picture with Hermana M... (my best friend) I love her so much!