Monday, June 20, 2016

Cusco is Good for Rocks

 The cool Inca bridge that we got to cross. (made out of straw)
So, this week was really great! We got to visit lots of new people that are excited to hear about the gospel. This week was my last concilio (lider conference). It was also the last one of presidents too. So, we went to Qeswachaka, an Inca bridge that is made out of straw that they rebuild ever year. It was amazing. President taught us so many things. He talked about going back home and what things we need to learn. Everyone says that returned missionaries are weird and awkward when they get home and I'm starting to understand why. We are here for SO MUCH TIME and the mission is all we know. So bear with me when I get back, ahah. 
This week we were able to visit so many people but I think something amazing that I learned this week was the worth of all of these people. Everyone is a child of God. Everyone is searching for some form of happiness and as missionaries, as leaders and members of the church, it is our responsibility to help all of them have an opportunity to receive the gospel. You never know who will accept it. 
This week we decided to contact a woman that we had talked to several times and had always spoken to us in a very grumpy tone. Well.. this time she looked at us and goes, "share something with me right now. I have time" So we sat down on the curb of the road and we shared a message with her. We had to explain why we don't worship saints and why we don't say the same prayer over and over again because she is super catholic but at the end of it all, she understood and she thanked us for teaching her things that she had not heard before. It was really great to see that hearts do change in the littlest ways.
In the mission, we see miracles everyday but as I think about it, I think that we see miracles everyday in our ordinary lives. We just have to have the spiritual eyes to see them.
I know that the gospel is true. I love it. 
-Hermana Wattles
I told you Cusco is good for rocks

Last night, we were out a little too late because the Hermana
who was going to Machu Picchu got here late.
Then we had to wait outside for someone to open the door and
as we're waiting, some drunk is trying to get at me and touching me,
so my companion pushes him and we walk to the corner.
Then I tried on the Hermanas cool glasses. It was a weird night.

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