Monday, June 13, 2016

Crazy Week

Okay, this week was crazy. Every week just goes by faster and faster. So does that mean that these last weeks will feel like days? I think so. I think this week, I am learning to love what comes at me. BECAUSE everything has come at me. This week we got to visit many different people and wow their spirits just lift me up. I love being a missionary. I think that I learn more and more about why I'm here every day. Isn't that amazing? Life is just great. We are all here to learn and grow and really... if we are doing what is right, we will learn and grow. It's not always easy but it is 100% possible. I really do believe that. I feel so thankful that my Heavenly Father has sent me here to serve where I am and who I am with. The Gospel is so beautiful and we can only recognize the beauty of the gospel when we take one step at a time, doing what is right and just enjoying everyday. I think that is my current goal, to really enjoy every moment. I think I am.

So this week, we visited a less active family that has always told us that going to church would be impossible for them. We decided to share a scripture about the love of God and ended up talking about our priorities as members of the church. Soon, the mood changed and they started sharing their testimonies on why it is important to be faithful and complete with the commandments. It was so amazing. They even gave us bread and hot chocolate after! AND you know what? Two of them came to church yesterday. Wow, I was so happy.

It is amazing how the progress of others can really affect us if we love. Love is so important and I think that is one of the biggest lessons that I am learning and continuing to learn. I love the gospel. I love our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ. I love this work. I love who I am. I love my companion. I love my mission and all of the things that I am learning. I feel so thankful for my trials because they have shaped me to be who I am.

I know that the Gospel is true.
- Hermana Wattles
We made brownies last night... lots of brownies and I ate almost all of them

Cusco is great for taking pictures in front of rocks


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