Monday, August 31, 2015

Wow, what an amazing week this was! We had a lot of lessons with members and investigators and My love for these people is growning every second of the day. I love the mission and everyday is a new breathtaking experience that I get to experience with my best friend. This week we had ward mission night and the funniest thing happened... (well it was actually a little scary, haha) We were about to go to the church and we stopped at a store to contact the lady in the store. I decided that I wanted to buy juice but they only had a gigantic juice for like the size of three families and I kept asking her how much it was and she wasn't paying attention so there was a man behind us and he looks at me and he goes, "I'll buy it what do you want I'll buy you whatever you want" and we just looked at him and told him we were fine but he persisted. He continued to invite us out for dinner and to spend time with him for the night and so we told him that we had an activity in the church and that if he wanted to come, he was more than welcome. So he bought us the juice and walked with us to the church. For a while, he talked to the Elders but once they had to leave, he started asking us to go to dinner with him. He was super nice! But just kept asking and we kept telling him no we have to stay in the activity. He really didn't understand and kept calling us guapas (The girl version of handsome). Finally he gave up and went to say goodbye to us but he totally went in for a kiss. I put my hand on him and said " WOAH ASI NO MAS ESTA BIEN" it freaked me out but he was super nice hahah. of a ginga in Juliaca.... and we did contact him! super nice!
At the end of the night we went to go say goodbye to our pensions daughter and her boyfriend. They've been through a rough past and her boyfriend is slowly listening and coming to church and making some huge changes in his life. When we went to say bye they both looked at us and told us,"we have some big news... We're going to get married."  We were esstatic! We freaked out and ran out the church and went and bought half of a chicken and ate it all up because we were so happy. We also took lots of pictures of how happy we were! They are the best and if you were here you'd understand how amazing a marriage is..... Not very many people get married here. Wow happy day.
I love the mission so much and I am so happy to be here with Hermana Morris!! We are laughing in every moment and our quotes are crazy up the wall funny!!!! We also try to translate every single one of the american sayings that there are!
This work is so amazing and I know that the Lord's hand is in all of it. Be obedient, Love, Serve, and live everyday like it's your last and just smile and laugh it all off. Life was never meant to be gloomy. I love all of you and I hope you have an amazing week. Dont forget to smile a little more!!!!
Les Quiero muchoooo

-Hermana Wattles
PS this is a whole cake that we ate in the street because we were just that happy that day! <3
Monday, August 24, 2015
I love the mission. But I hate this keyboard that I am using. The space bar doesn't work.....
anywho... I am feeling so amazing right about now. This mission is amazing, the people are amazing, the things I learn every single day are such a blessing to me. This week was a speedy one. It came and went so fast... like when I eat food... all the sudden it's just gone and I just don't understand how and it makes me so sad. BUTTTT this week was a really good one. A lot of our appointments fell but we also had a lot of good ones! The revelation between me and my companion is on point. We end up studying the same things every day without knowing and we always have the same impressions to go to the same place and talk to the same people. The Lord really knows what he's doing.. let me tell you! We actually found lots of cool people this week that seem super ready and prepared. I love it and it just touches my heart. The first man that we found is the neighbor of our pension and he was outside doing yard work so we went to go talk to him. Finds out that he thought we worshiped Joseph Smith. Once we cleared that one up real quick and told him we worship our Heavenly Father and that Jesus Christ is our only Savior and Redeemer, he started asking us so many questions and showed that he was super interested. He says that he is super religous but there are just certain things that he doesn't agree with in his church. The more we talked, the more interested he was. It made me super duper happy. The other really cool one that we talked to was Hugo! We walked passed his store and I stopped. I felt that we needed to go talk to him and turned out that just three days ago, he gave up his old life and started reading the Bible to become a changed person. I really feel like Heavenly Father was preparing him for us. He was super interested in the fact that today we have a living prophet who speaks to us just like Moses, Adam, Abraham and all the others. He was super impressed and I really feel like he's ready and I know that this Gospel will change his life.

Funny moment/ Sad moment of the week: Okay so my mission bag is pretty jank right now and the buckle thingy never stays shut and it always pops open. Super annoying! So one day we were walking down the street away from lunch and it snapped for like the 100th x 99th time that day and I was so irritated that ( without thinking and using my new vocab) I said "AH freaking bolsa yo quiero sofocar alguien!" Maybe it wasn't too funny but the minute it came out of my mouth I couldn´t stop laughing.
Don't have pictures this week so here's one of me and my companion with our matching blankets <3

Hermana Wattles

Monday, August 17, 2015


I THINK I AM THE HAPPIEST MISSIONARY IN THE WHOLE FLIPPING WORLD! Last week I opened my email and I found out that I would be training! Yipeeeee! (Secret: My friend... remember??Hermana M was going to my mission) and I just started praying that I would train. CRAZY! So I found out I would train and I went to Cusco Tuesday for training and we're all sitting in the sacrament room waiting to know who we're going to train and you´ll never guess! (well you probably would guess) IM TRAINING HER! what a tender mercy. Heavenly Father loves me an awful lot to answer those prayers!!!! so BLESSED.
We came back to Jxx on Thursday and started off working! She is such a little worker bee and it makes me soooooo idk jolly (can not think of another word) I am just so pleased with the way my mission has been going! I am so overly blessed. We were able to teach quite a few new people for the time that we had which was super amazing! I know that I am going to learn so much from her! She is so super amazing and I wish you could all get to spend the time with her that I get to spend with her! Talking about my mission with her has made me realize how much I have learned and how much I have changed for the better! The Lord has taught me so many things and everyday on the mission is a learning process! I have begun to understand and learn a lot about how the Lord is shaping and molding us everyday for the better and if we just let him do it, we can come out so much more beautiful.

I am so sorry if my words do not make sense and if they haven't made sense. Recently, speaking in English, I have started to realize that its a little ugly.... so sorry. I don't have too much to say but just remember who y'all are! I love you so much and Heavenly FAther loves you so much more! I can feel his love each and every single day and it motivates me to have more love. Remember Charity is the pure love of Christ... SO GO OUT AND GIVE SOMEONE A HUG!!!

Haha Love love love love you all so much!

-Hermana Wattles

Monday, August 10, 2015

woww estoy muy feliz

Can I start off this email by saying that I'M TRAINING AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!!!
Anywhoo, this week was a shorter one. My companion was sick for like three days. How sad. I felt so bad because it's her last week in the mission.... she's going to see her family Wednesday, ahhh how crazy! I love her so much! So we didn't work a super bunch this week because she felt pretty bad, but we did get to visit some people! 
We're still in the process of preparing one of our investigators for baptism. She is just AMAZING!!!! Everytime we come, she cries and tells us that she feels the spirit super strong. How amazing!!! So we have her and I love her more and more everytime we visit her. We also went to visit a family this week who haven't been coming to church and let me tell you, THEY ARE MY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD (minus mom and dad heheh) no, but we went to their house and they cooked us steak and we ate streak tacos.... how amazing. I think I might cry as I write this, ahahah ( tender mercies ). After eating the delicious tacos, we had wine without alcohol, ahha ayy the life of a Mormon.  Well, not much happened this week so I'm going to share with you what I learned in studies today, ahahahha sorry I know.
This morning I was reading about the light of Christ and how everything that radiates light is of Christ. Every person has this light and this is how people who are not baptized into the church and don't have the Holy Ghost can feel that peace and happiness when they hear the words of Christ being testified. The light of Christ, directs us to truth and helps us make right decisions. It is often called our conscious. And it's true. It's such an amazing instrument in this work because through it these people can feel Christ's love and find the truth of the Gospel. 
I am so happy to be apart of this Gospel and I am also so thankful for our Savior and what he did for us. I know that if we can all take a portion of our time everyday to remember Him, we will end up a lot happier. I am so happy to be here in Jxx serving these AMAZING people. I have learned so much as I teach.. weird... but it happens, ahhah I am so happy. 
Hermana Wattles

Monday, August 3, 2015

I hope you can see the excitement in my text. So much happened and I feel so blessed to be here as a servant of Jesus Christ, even better a representative. I feel so honored to be able to say that. Any who, this week was amazing because first, we had a baptism Saturday! WHOOHOOO no?? Yuly.. my dear Yuly got baptized. She is so beautiful and so amazing. Her testimony is so strong and I have no doubt that she will be the best member ever. She truly understands the teachigs of Christ and the Gospel. She has bastante faith and I know that nothing can shake her testimony. This whole journey with Yuly has been a testimony to me. I want to be a better person because I saw a girl of 17 years completely change her life in 4 weeks for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is so strong and so amazing. I wish you could all meet her. Her baptism was also very small and humble, just a few people and a covenant. It showed me that the church isn't all about the parties, get togethers, food, friends, activities or even all the classes. It's about our relationship with Jesus Christ and the covenants that we make with his father. The promises that we make and our relationship with him are what bring us to the celestial kingdom and I know this to be true.
Second thing, we had an appointment with a reference from a member (his cousin). We went to her house and talked for a little while and found out that she is passing through a VERY difficult time and that a while back she had assisted the church and didn't think much of it but when we passed by her house for the first time, she said that all of her worries seemed to pass away for a while. It was amazing. She said she felt a peace and happiness when we were around and she only desired that we could return. She really believed that we could help her to change her life. It was amazing, so we passed by again at the end of the week and talked about faith and repentance and the importance of the Gospel. She told us she felt so amazing and we told her that it was the Holy Ghost and that it was possible to always have that feeling with her. For Ever. She looked so happy and surprised that it was possible and we explained that we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost after baptism and it is a blessing of a constant companion and then we invited her to be baptized for the 29th of August. She happily accepted and came to church yesterday eager to find that feeling again. 
The Holy Ghost is such a powerful thing and it testifies of the truth. It is so true that we can not explain the feelings of the Holy Ghost but all we know is that it is so beautiful and we know it's true. I have a testimony of this Gospel and nothing can ever shake it.
Les amoooooo
-Hermana Wattles